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Plug-in adapter

Coaxial adapters and plug adapters are connectors that connect different plugs and sockets and help to adapt existing cables to a new plug and socket pattern. For example, a BNC plug to plug adapter enables two BNC cables to be connected together.

Enclosed is a list of available coaxial plug adapters sorted by manufacturer number.

Manufacturer numberArticleDescriptionDatasheet
100025321133782Adapter, 4.3-10 jack – 4.3-10 jack63KB
100025324133783Adapter, 4.3-10 plug – 4.3-10 jack65KB
100025320133779Adapter, 4.3-10 plug – 4.3-10 plug71KB
100024554133778Adapter, 7-16 jack – 7-16 jack19.50KB
100024510133912Adapter, 7-16 jack – N jack36KB
100024539133746Adapter, 7-16 jack – N plug54KB
100024555133775Adapter, 7-16 plug – 7-16 jack35KB
100024553133776Adapter, 7-16 plug – 7-16 plug31KB
100024533133740Adapter, 7-16 plug – N jack38KB
100024538133736Adapter, 7-16 plug – N plug34KB
100023659133919Adapter, BNC jack – banana plug 4mm41KB
100023589133734Adapter, BNC jack – BNC jack27KB
100023602133922Adapter, BNC jack – BNC jack63KB
34_BNC-50-0-6/100_NE133749Adapter, BNC jack – BNC jack117KB
100023640133914Adapter, BNC jack – F jack32KB
100023651133827Adapter, BNC jack – FME jack32KB
100023689133826Adapter, BNC jack – FME plug
PE9297144882Adapter, BNC jack – MHV plug609KB
100023658133812Adapter, BNC jack – Mini HD BNC plug59KB
100023690133823Adapter, BNC jack – Mini UHF plug69KB
100023654133818Adapter, BNC jack – N jack29KB
100023639133604Adapter, BNC jack – SMA jack24KB
100023643133605Adapter, BNC jack – SMA plug24KB
100023686133742Adapter, BNC jack – SMB jack44KB
100023688133706Adapter, BNC jack – SMB plug443KB
100023635133816Adapter, BNC jack – TNC jack46KB
100023875133813Adapter, BNC jack – TNC plug32KB
100023666133821Adapter, BNC jack – UHF plug
100023642133822Adapter, BNC bulkhead jack – UHF jack106KB
133702Adapter, BNC jack – banana plug 4mm
133701Adapter, BNC plug – banana plug 4mm
100023662133917Adapter, BNC plug – banana plug 4mm65KB
100023664133916Adapter, BNC plug – banana plug 4mm125KB
100023665133918Adapter, BNC plug – banana plug 4mm60KB
100023607133921Adapter, BNC plug – BNC plug94KB
100023590133723Adapter, BNC plug – BNC plug431KB
100023641133915Adapter, BNC plug – F jack45KB
100023636133825Adapter, BNC plug – FME plug74KB
PE9406144883Adapter, BNC plug – MHV jack516KB
51S131-K00N5133317Adapter, BNC plug – UNF 10-32 jack37KB
100023657133809Adapter, BNC plug – Mini HD BNC jack33KB
100023674133817Adapter, BNC plug – N jack94KB
51S153-S00N5133787Adapter, BNC plug – N plug43KB
100023656133819Adapter, BNC plug – N plug30KB
100023637133608Adapter, BNC plug – SMA jack61KB
100023638133609Adapter, BNC plug – SMA plug30KB
100023687133707Adapter, BNC plug – SMB jack446KB
100023692133610Adapter, BNC plug – SMB plug34KB
100023675133814Adapter, BNC plug – TNC jack32KB
100023634133815Adapter, BNC plug – TNC plug
100023668133820Adapter, BNC plug – UHF jack100KB
133711Adapter, BNC plug – UHF plug
100025657133741Adapter, FME plug – FME plug26KB
100024187133725Adapter, FME plug – N plug431KB
100025659133847Adapter, FME plug – SMA jack74KB
100025661133846Adapter, FME plug – SMA plug32KB
29K153-S00Z5133791Adapter, MCX jack – N plug36KB
100024362133771Adapter, Mini UHF jack – Mini UHF jack
100024363133845Adapter, Mini UHF plug – FME plug29KB
100024109133732Adapter, N jack – N jack432KB
100024215133762Adapter, N jack – R-SMA plug65KB
100024202133759Adapter, N jack – SMA jack64KB
100024201133724Adapter, N jack – SMA plug65KB
100123518133760Adapter, N jack – TNC plug55KB
53K401-K00N5133798Adapter, N bulkhead jack – N bulkhead jack72KB
53S151-K00N5133786Adapter, N plug – BNC jack38KB
100123517133727Adapter, N plug – BNC jack33KB
29S153-S00Z5133790Adapter, N plug – MCX plug40KB
100024112133920Adapter, N plug – N jack
100024149133733Adapter, N plug – N plug40KB
53S101-S00N5133797Adapter, N plug – N plug35KB
100024216133840Adapter, N plug – R-SMA jack64KB
100024203133745Adapter, N plug – SMA jack65KB
100024204133743Adapter, N plug – SMA plug65KB
53S156-K00N5133788Adapter, N plug – TNC jack39KB
28K101-K00N5133399Adapter, QMA jack – QMA jack36KB
28K132-K00N5133397Adapter, QMA jack – SMA jack49KB
28K132-S00N5133398Adapter, QMA jack – SMA plug51KB
28S153-K00N5133400Adapter, QMA plug – N jack107KB
28S132-K00N5133396Adapter, QMA plug – SMA jack90KB
28S132-S00N5133391Adapter, QMA plug – SMA plug92KB
100024815133909Adapter, SMA jack – MCX jack
100024816133910Adapter, SMA jack – MCX plug
100024825133767Adapter, SMA jack – R-SMA jack61KB
100024790133764Adapter, SMA jack – SMA jack439KB
100024795133772Adapter, SMA jack – SMA plug59KB
100024808133768Adapter, SMA jack – SMB jack59KB
100024809133850Adapter, SMA jack – SMB plug56KB
100024824133911Adapter, SMA plug – R-SMA jack63KB
100024793133744Adapter, SMA plug – SMA plug37KB
100024807133849Adapter, SMA plug – SMB jack40KB
100024806133848Adapter, SMA plug – SMB plug38KB
59K153-S00L5133795Adapter, SMB jack – N plug37KB
100024893133773Adapter, SMB jack – SMB jack59KB
59S153-S00L5133794Adapter, SMB plug – N plug46KB
100025163133774Adapter, SMP jack – SMP jack60KB
100023882133833Adapter, TNC jack – Mini UHF plug30KB
100023866133829Adapter, TNC jack – N jack29KB
100123565133828Adapter, TNC jack – N plug32KB
100023838133811Adapter, TNC jack – R-TNC plug49KB
100023880133836Adapter, TNC jack – SMA plug57KB
100023833133800Adapter, TNC jack – TNC jack36KB
100023836133807Adapter, TNC jack – TNC jack126KB
100023858133832Adapter, TNC jack – UHF plug34KB
100023860133834Adapter, TNC plug – FME plug90KB
100023870133830Adapter, TNC plug – N plug32KB
100023837133835Adapter, TNC plug – R-TNC jack49KB
100023871133837Adapter, TNC plug – SMA jack29KB
100023873133838Adapter, TNC plug – SMA plug
100023859133831Adapter, TNC plug – UHF jack104KB
100024353133842Adapter, UHF jack – N plug32KB
100024347133769Adapter, UHF jack – UHF jack58KB
100024351133844Adapter, UHF plug – FME plug93KB
100024354133843Adapter, UHF plug – Mini UHF jack56KB
100024352133841Adapter, UHF plug – N jack57KB
100023592133728Panel adapter, BNC jack – BNC jack41KB
100023593133913Panel adapter, BNC jack – BNC jack
100024150133607L adapter, N plug – N jack31KB
PE9338139666L adapter, SHV plug – SHV jack420KB
100024792133750L adapter, SMA jack – SMA plug445KB
100023830133806L adapter, TNC plug – TNC jack96KB
100023596133754T adapter, BNC plug – BNC jack – BNC jack31KB
100023587133606T adapter, BNC plug – BNC jack – BNC jack45KB
100024151133766T adapter, N jack – N jack – N jack35KB
100024152133395T adapter, N jack – N plug – N jack40KB
100024805133763T adapter, SMA jack – SMA jack – SMA jack33KB
100023829133781T adapter, TNC jack – TNC plug – TNC jack104KB
100123516133389Y adapter, BNC plug – BNC jack – BNC jack44KB