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CLF200 / HDF200

CLF200 / HDF200 – coaxial cable

Low Loss RF-Line

The CLF200 cable family of “Low Loss cables” differs from standard cables (e.g. RG58) due to its double shielding and lower attenuation and cable capacity.
CLF200 is a low attenuation, double shielded 50 Ohm coaxial cable that is approved up to 6GHz and can be used up to 10GHz.

Due to the dielectric, the solid yet soft inner conductor made of solid copper with a diameter of 1.12 mm is very large in relation to the outer diameter of 4.95 mm.

Einsatzgebiete: Medizin, Höchstfrequenz bis 6 GHz, Antennen, Militäranwendungen, , u.a

Application: medicine, maximum frequency up to 6 GHz, antennas, military, EMC

CLF200 (Sheath colour: black) 50Ω, double shielded,Temperature range -40°C to +85°C

Inner conductorCopper solid1,12 mm
DielectricFoamed PE2,95 mm
ShieldingAluminium foil, Copper braiding3,66 mm
SheathPVC, black4,95 mm

Difference Low Loss to standard coaxial cable:
The CLF200 LowLoss is a 4.95 mm thin HF cable that can be processed like the well-known RG58, but has better technical values due to, among other things, the double shielding.

Attenuation values
50 MHz7,5 dB/100 m
150 MHz13,1 dB/100 m
1800 MHz46,6 dB/100 m
5800 MHz86,5 dB/100 m
Data sheet CLF200 cable PDF177 kBData sheet

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