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RG 187

RG 187 / 75Ω – cable coaxial

2.65 mm thin PFA high-frequency cable

The RG187 is a very temperature and abrasion resistant coaxial cable in a 75 Ω version (50 Ω see RG188). The conductors are silver plated.

RG 187 A/U (Colour: white) 75 Ω; Temperature range from -80°C up to 205°C

Inner conductorSteel copper strands silver-plated0.31 mm
DielectricTeflon1.55 mm
Cable screenSilvered copper braiding 
Cable sheathPFA, white2.65 mm

Difference RG187 to standard line:
The RG187 is a 2.65 mm thin PTFE radio frequency cable. Single shielded and suitable for most hightech applications.

RG 187 cable – data sheet PDF63 kBlink

Recommended accessories:
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