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LN 5001

LN 5001 / 50Ω – Low Noise cable coaxial

Low-Noisecable coaxial

This low-noise cable family has been specially developed for applications in which mechanical forces such as vibrations, bending or torsional movements act on the cable. With conventional cables, considerable electrical interference can be caused by such external forces. These cables, on the other hand, have a special intermediate layer to minimise this interference.

Application: Metrology, pressure transducer, medical devices,measuring probe, Microphones, pH-measuring instruments and sensors.

LN5001 (Sheath colour: blue) 50Ω // for temperatures up to 200°C

Inner conductorSteel copper silver-plated0.30 mm
DielectricTeflon0.87 mm
Cable screenSilvered copper braiding1.35 mm
Cable sheathPFA, blue2.00 mm

Difference Low-Noise-Coaxial cable and Standard-Coaxial cables
The LN 5001 is a 2.0 mm-thin high-frequency cable. Very tightly shielded and suitable for high-tech applications.
The noise level at 5 mV ss can be kept through the semiconductor layer between dielectric and screen.

The following connectors are recommended:
UNF 10-32 (Microdot), BNC, TNC, SMB, SMA, SMC, MCX, Mikroverbinder like MMCX and SSMB.

Alternative: A comparable cable is offered under the designation RG 196.

LN 5001 cable – data sheet PDF42 kBlink

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