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Breakout is the clever distribution of the measurement signal to the measuring device

With our breakout box, you receive a module for distributing measurement signals in a robust housing and with a suitable cable length to your measuring device or test system.
The compact aluminium housing, which is also suitable for wall mounting, makes it easy to connect the device under test. All connectors are insulated from the housing as standard and shielded towards the cable end to ensure clean and interference-free transmission.

You can find out what else characterises our exclusive breakout box and what other benefits you can enjoy with our distribution box in the future on the following pages.

Esample for individual Breakoutboxen


  • Simple installation of the box in the control cabinet, test bench or carMinimisation of interference (e.g. due to external radiation) by shielding the cables
  • Several measuring points can be monitored cost-effectively by simply reconnecting the measuring device
  • Quick and easy distribution of the measurement signals


  • Robust housing, use of high-quality cables and connectors as well as solid design
  • Versatile use for forwarding measurement signals
  • all cables are individually connected to the plug connectors in the box and are practically brought together via a PG cable gland and a braided hose
  • Each connector can be clearly assigned via the labelling on the device and cable
  • BNC and SMB plugs and sockets, other connectors on request

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