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RG 316

RG 316 / 50Ω cable coaxial

Universal coaxial cable that conforms to MIL-C-17F.

Application: Metrology, Laboratory use, Antenna and wireless application, Broadband communications, Automotive

RG316/U: (Sheath colour: transparent) 50 Ω,// Temperature range -65 / +200°C

Inner conductorCopper stranded wire silver-plated0.54 mm
DielectricTeflon1.56 mm
Cable screenSilvered copper braiding 2,00 mm
Cable sheathFEP, brown 2.45 mm

Difference to standard coaxial cable:
The RG 316 /U is a 2.50 mm thin high-frequency cable in 50 Ohm. Simply shielded and suitable for demanding applications such as WLAN.

The following connectors are recommended:
BNC, TNC, N, SMB, SMA, SMC, SMP, Microconnectors such as MMCX and MCX as well as UNF 10-32 Microdot

Difference between RG316 and RD316:

The RG_316 consists of the same materials. Compared to the RD316, it does not have an additional silver-plated copper braided screen.

This results in these comparative values:

 RG 316RD 316
Cut-off frequency3,0 GHz12,4 GHz
Attenuation for 2 GHz1,29 dB1,05 dB
Shielding dimension38 dB60 dB
diameter2,5 mm2,95 mm
RG 316 cable – data sheet PDF64 kBlink

Recommended accessories
BNC Stecker | BNC Stecker 90°  | BNC Einbaubuchse  | TNC Stecker  TNC Buchse  |  N Stecker | SMA Stecker | SMA Buchse