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1.0/4.8 AF FRNC

1.0/4.8 AF FRNC DRAKA / 75Ω coaxial cable

The 1.0/4.8 AF FRNC Draka is perfectly suitable for studio application and the transmission of image information and the transmission analogue and digital signals as SDI, SDV, SDTI, HDTV.

Conforms to: IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60754, IEC 61034

1.0/4.8 AF FRNC Draka: (Sheath color: green) 75 Ω; DRAKA – 1.0/4.8 AF FRNC – 75R ± 1% – HDTV FRNC
Number: 1002206 / 60011525

Inner conductorCopper solid1.00 mm
DielectricFoamed PE4.80 mm
Cable screenAluminium foil , Tinned copper braiding5.60 mm
Cable sheathFRNC / LSNH, green7.00 mm

Assembled video connection

Cables for 6G-SDI/HDTV applications! You receive completely assembled connections with the necessary conditions for the transfer of video signals for digital HDTV, UltraHD/4K and SDI, 3-G SDI and 6G-SDI, HD-SDI. For your cable, we have ten varicolored tension reliefs. Due to the wave impedance of 75Ω, all cables are perfectly suitable for TV- and radio technology.

1.0/4.8 AF FRNC Draka cable – datasheet PDF122 kBLink