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Lemo 106330


Lemo 106330 / High voltage cable – High voltage transmission line


Applications: Measurement, internal wiring, High voltage application

High voltage cable 4,60mm / 9KV: (Coat color: red)
Manufacturer: LEMO,
Cable type: 106 330,
Coat: PVC,
Outer diameter: 4,60 mm,
Color: rot,
Temperature range: -10°C bis +70°C,
Operating voltage: 9 kV DC



Material Diameter
Inner Conductor Tinned copper strand 0.60 mm
Dielectric PE 2.80 mm
Outer Conductor Tinned copper braid 3.50 mm
Cable coating PVC 4.60 mm

Following connectors are recommended: Can be combined optimally with N, SHV, MHV and BNC

Description Format Size Download
Lemo 106330 Cable – Datasheet PDF