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RG 178

RG 178_B/U / 50Ω – cable coaxial

High-quality coaxial cable, complies with MIL-C 17F standard

The sheath is made of FEP, transparent brown and the conductors are silver-plated.

Application: Metrology, internal cables, Broadband communications

RG 178: Sheath colour: transparent, 50 Ohm, halogen-free // Temperature range from 55°C/ +200°C

Inner conductorCopper stranded wire silver-plated0.31 mm
DielectricTeflon0.83 mm
Cable screenSilvered copper braiding1.33 mm
Cable sheathFEP, brown1.81 mm

Difference between RG196 and RG178::
The RG178 is a 1.80 mm-thin FEP radio frequency cable (our thinnest in the programme). Single shielded and suitable for high-quality applications at higher temperatures.

Structure RG178

Single shielded
Structure of a single shielded coaxial cable:

1 = inner conductor (Solid or litz wire (1b))
2 = dielectric medium/ insulation
3 = braided shield / film
4 = outer sheath

RG 178 cable – data sheet PDF68 kBlink

Recommended accessories
BNC Einbaubuchse  |  BNC Stecker  |  TNC Stecker  |  TNC Einbaubuchse  |  SMA Stecker |  SMA Einbaubuchse

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Characteristic impedance 75R
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As Low Noise
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