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RG 213_U

RG 213_U / 50Ω – cable coaxial

The RG213 /U is the standard cable of the 10 mm category.

Application fields: medicine, highest frequency, military applications, measuring devices, antennas and EMC

RG213 /U: (Sheath colour: black) 50 Ω; Temperature range from -30°C / +70°C

Inner conductorCopper stranded wire 2,25 mm
DielectricPolyethylene 7,25 mm
Cable screenCopper braiding 8,00 mm
Cable sheathPVC, black10,30 mm

Difference RG213 /U to normal line:
The RG213 /U is a 10.00 mm thick radio frequency cable suitable for most RF applications.

RG213/U cable – data sheet PDF68 kBlink

As an alternative to RG213, we recommend the low-attenuation Aircell 7 or Highflexx-7.

Recommended accessories
BNC Stecker 90°  |  BNC Stecker  |  TNC Stecker  |  TNC Stecker 90°  |  7-16 DIN Stecker  |  7-16 DIN Stecker 90°   |   N Buchse  |  N Einbaubuchse  |  N Einbaubuchse, 4-Flansch  |  N Stecker  |  N Stecker 90°  |  N Stecker 90°  |  UHF/PL259 Stecker

Bend protection sleeves are not available as these connectors have a cable gland.