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arnoflex 155 PE

The arnoflex 155 PE low loss cable is suitable for the frequency range up to 3 GHz. The HF cable is flexible and recommended for applications in the radio range. Thanks to its PE sheath, the arnoflex 155 PE can also be used outdoors.

The good attenuation values are achieved by a low-loss PE dielectric and a double screen made of tinned copper and an aluminum foil.

The arnoflex 155 PE is a cost-effective alternative to the H155 PE.

arnoflex 155 PE (sheath color: black) 50 Ω; Temperature range from -40°C to +75°C

The arnoflex 155 PE is now available in our online shop:

arnoflex 155 PE050313Datasheet (81KB)

Would you like the arnoflex 155 PE already assembled with the appropriate connectors? No problem with our online cable configurator!

arnoflex 155 PE Koaxialkabel

Technical Data:

ARNOFLEX 155 PE Coaxial CableMaterialDiameter
Inner conductorKupfer Litze19 x 0.28 mm
DielectricPE sm3.80 mm
Cable screenAluminiumfolie, Kupfergeflecht verzinnt4.30 mm
Cable sheathPE5.40 mm

Alternative cables:

H155 PE (Belden)050322Datasheet (223KB)Link

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